Harvey's Brewery - Lewes, Sussex

The craft of brewing is as old as human civilisation, and we have been knowingly producing beer since the time of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The world’s oldest surviving beer recipe is of Mesopotamian origin, a 3900 year old poem honouring the Sumerian Goddess Ninkasi, detailing the production of beer from barley.

The process at Harvey’s is much the same method as the traditions of brewing have always been, but how we operate, where we source our ingredients and where our by-products go are what make our beers distinct.

Rainfall which has filtered over 30 years through the Sussex chalk downs is drawn from our artesian well some sixty feet below the brewery and up into our liquor reservoir located at the top of the Harvey’s Tower, ready to be released into the brew.

Why is our own water so important? It gives our beers a unique flavour, which means that even if you used our recipe, process and ingredients at another brewery, the beer would not taste quite the same as ours.